I am very excited to interview Legal Shapers’ CEO Petru Balasa, the winner of the 2019 Global Legal Hackathon. Based in Bucharest, Romania, Petru and his team created Lawrelai, the first AI-based legal advisor to travelers, without difficulty on hand thru Facebook Messenger.

Lorelai affords global insurance and gives unfastened updated records and documents for common felony issues at the same time as journeying overseas. And if you’re in on the spot want of suggesting even as traveling, Lorelai offers personalized prison help for a price through its tested neighborhood prison specialists.

Petru Balasa: We started out our task on February 23, 2019, on the second day of the Global Legal Hackathon (the country wide section). We brainstormed plenty earlier than committing to one idea, but while Lawrelai got here up, we were bought! Who would not want to press a button and feature access to legal advice, speedy and nearly unfastened? And to have a attorney close by, available at any time, to help you solve your criminal issues?

Juetten: What hassle are you fixing?

Balasa: Twenty percentage of the 1,200 people we interviewed had criminal troubles whilst traveling overseas. That method you have got a one-in-five chance to lose your ID papers, have your passport stolen, have troubles together with your using license, breach local traditions with prison outcomes and plenty of more comparable issues.

Where do you even start? You do not know the language, neighborhood legislation or any attorneys close by, you’re maximum in all likelihood on a price range, your partner is panicking, your youngsters are hungry, the journey is ruined.

Lawrelai stands for Law-associated-AI and is a chatbot that solves all of those problems. Most of the legal issues a traveller may additionally encounter overseas can be solved free of charge. Using Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Lawrelai identifies if the issue is more complex and notifies the user to pay a small fee for extra facts. When the issue is greater severe and exceeds the unfastened database of legal records, Lawrelai puts the user in contact with a neighborhood lawyer close by. Both the consumer and the legal professional pay Lawrelai a small rate at this factor.

Considering the truth that we’re dealing with a growing market of one.4 billion vacationers each 12 months, the trouble we are solving isn’t most effective global however also exponential.

Juetten: How do you assist improve get admission to to justice for consumers?

Balasa: Lawrelai is only a few faucets away for absolutely everyone with internet get admission to. It doesn’t simply enhance get admission to to justice but additionally enables users save you undesirable conditions. There are many things a person wouldn’t even reflect onconsideration on. Lawrelai enables exploration of overseas countries from a legal point of view.

Its loose factor is a pioneering act on our side, as till now, there are no loose prison services regarding laws in foreign nations. This contributes to facilitating access for purchasers to right justice even in a overseas jurisdiction. Apart from that, consumers advantage from direct get admission to to a professional specially experienced on their unique legal trouble, so that no more time is wasted until the client identifies the right legal offerings provider for its instant desires.

Juetten: What are some of the precise use instances or scenarios you could proportion on how consumers can leverage your enterprise or answer?

Balasa: Lawrelai represents a gateway for constructing trust among exceptional people with distinctive cultural and criminal backgrounds. That is why any customer’s tale is included in Lawrelai’s conceptual knowledge and as a consequence extending our database with in-intensity records and real up to date responses to a huge range of criminal troubles which might also arise.

For instance, if a patron runs into a criminal problem associated with littering public spaces and Lorelai to begin with provides the solution comprising the quantity of the nice to be had that sure day, its solution is up to date so as to replicate the criminal changes carried out in that nation, in order that the customer is well informed in the course of his adventure in a foreign country.