Suggested duration of 15 days Stops Lausanne, Annecy, Chamonix, Zermatt, Lucerne, St Anton, Zell am See, Innsbruck, Bern Shortcut Head straight to Zermatt to make it an 11-day journey. Best Interrail bypass 15 days within two months (£337 children/£439 person/£395 senior/below 12s loose) or the tighter ten days inside two months (£274/£357/£321/free). Plus train reservations The sight of a sparkling railway snaking over an Alpine skip or hugging a lake has long inspired visitors, and both are nicely served by way of rail routes. This itinerary weaves from France thru Switzerland to Austria, with superb views so that it will glue you to the teach windows.

Five extremely good Interrail 1

At Lausanne, be sure to take an early morning dip at Plage de Pully, watching the sun upward push over the Alps as you swim. Heading onwards, skirt Lake Geneva to the lovely metropolis of Annecy, and take the threat to paddle a canoe to La Cuillère à Omble, a restaurant on the lake’s southern give up, serving local freshwater fish.

Eastwards, at Chamonix, take the cable vehicle to the pinnacle of the Aiguille du Midi for lunch at the self-carrier cafeteria of Le 3842 Restaurant, named for its lofty altitude. The adventure onwards to Zermatt takes in remarkable surroundings as the train hugs the mountainside. The elegant Swiss hotel has brilliant trekking terrain, left out by using the Matterhorn.

At Lucerne, discover the cobbled alleys of the Kornmarkt and dine at the intimate, candlelit Grottino 1313 eating place. From there, plunge onwards through the Arlberg valley to St Anton, domestic to a few exhilarating bike routes, and then you could take a deserved dip at the Arlberg Well spa. Continue east to lakeside Zell am See, in which sports consist of paddleboarding, wakeboarding, and waterskiing. Three times every week, the free Magic Lake Show lighting fixtures up the water.

The route home stops at Innsbruck, with its space-age funicular and gondola to the pinnacle of the Nordkette, at 2,256 meters, with a jaw-losing view. Explore the historic antique metropolis and the Imperial Palace, with its opulence of the Habsburg dynasty. Next, the journey to Bern, whose antique metropolis became declared a Unesco global background web page in 1983. The metropolis is also home to the Einstein Museum. Thun makes for a scenic 20-minute side ride. Fast TGV and Eurostar trains will then speed you domestically.


Journey instances for all five itineraries can range depending on the date and time of departure. These recommendations are for faster connections, even though not necessarily the quickest possible, and commonly leaving inside the morning on weekdays. We have prioritized trains that: require no reservation, are recognized to be very relaxed (consisting of RailJet), or have the right onboard services (including the ICE).

London to Lausanne (Eurostar + TGV, 7 hrs 10 minutes, stay one night time); Lausanne to Annecy (nearby + TER + TER, three hrs, live two nights); Annecy to Chamonix (TER + TER + TER, 3 hrs, 10 mins, live one night); Chamonix to Zermatt (TER + nearby + InterRegio, three hrs 57 mins, live nights); Zermatt to Lucerne (nearby + InterCity, 3 hrs 25 minutes, stay one night time); Lucerne to St Anton, (InterRegio + RailJet, three hrs 29 mins, stay two nights); St Anton to Zell am See (EuroCity, 3 hrs 15 mins, live two nights); Zell am See to Innsbruck (Eurocity, 2 hrs, live two nights); Innsbruck to Bern (RailJet + InterCity, 4 hrs forty-three mins, live one night time); Bern to London (TGV + Eurostar, 8 hrs 22 mins).

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