They’re the second most famous thing to come out of the Blue Mountains (first being the three sisters of course). Crowd hype beasts Hermitude are back with an energy inducing single dubbed ‘Northern Lights’ and a world tour to match the announce.

Coming in, in a similar vein to their last release ‘Stupid World’, the new single featuring Cory and Soaky Siren exhales excitement through an abrasive build and clunky ear worm of a rhythm. Hermitude has evolved into an act that concentrates on capturing the crowd through a kind of call and response style of music to keep their fan engaged in a fit of dancing frenzy.

The Fix-It-Up game series started strong with Fix-It-Up: Kate’s Adventure, and how Kate has returned in the latest game Fix-it-up: World Tour plus brought her friends Steve and Martin to help give her a hand.

Fix-it-up: World Tour is a time management simulation game where you own and run car dealerships. As any normal dealership, you must buy, repair, paint, tune, rent out and sell vehicles to earn an income. The game takes you through a total of 72 levels located in 13 countries, each containing three levels. Throughout the different countries, you will be introduced to several different vehicle types, including snakes, betas, erics, bees, trucks and even superbikes!

While most time management and resource management games become pretty repetitive in their level challenges, Fix-it-up: World Tour keeps you on your toes by changing each level’s requirements. Some levels may require a specific income level by renting cars, while another level you must repair and sell a certain number of vehicles, to even helping out the local people of the area by tuning up their race cars in your tune-up shop. Each level allows for a fast completion time that will earn you a gold award, or if that time limit has passed you can still be awarded a silver award, but if you need even more time, you can use as much time as you need to complete the level with no penalty. The reward for finishing levels with a gold or silver time is awarded coins. These award coins are then used to upgrade and improve Kate’s mansion during the cut scenes between countries.

While Fix-it-up: World Tour is very similar to its original namesake, there are several new features that make this game fresh and new. Each dealership can now upgrade its shops allowing each shop to work faster, take on more dedicated workers, and provide higher green point ratings which indicate how environmentally friendly a vehicle is. As Kate upgrades the shops, the vehicles serviced in those shops will not only receive a higher green point value, but also the rent income earned from each vehicle also increases.

One of the most impressive aspects of the game is its eye-catching graphics! The detail of the vehicles and the eye-catching country landscapes are nothing less than brilliant! There is a pretty engaging story line that continues from country to country as you progress through the game, and the character conversations in the comic book style cut scenes are entertaining.

The only piece of the game we weren’t impressed with was the endless game play mode. Unlike the unique challenges and engaging storyline of the main game, there is little new or challenging with the endless game play mode, unfortunately.

Overall we give Fix-it-up: World Tour a solid 4.5-star rating! Pick it up and start moving cars today!

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