Are you also an NFL follower and want to make predictions and bet? If yes, then don’t miss this article, because you will get too many things from here.

National Football League (NFL) start marks beginning of betting in USA. NFL has become one of the most popular games in USA and being the favorite of bettors. Betting in NFL is not a difficult task, but the difficulty lies in making the prediction. As there are many good teams involved, so to make prediction in favor of one is difficult. To bet in NFL it is important to know how to read NFL betting odds.

NFL sports betting

In this article we will be discussing about the NFL betting odds, betting lines, spreads, super bowl odds, etc.  So, let’s get started.

What is NFL betting odd?

When you start betting for first time it’s important to know how to read and elucidate NFL betting odds and what they exactly mean. Because it’s the basic of betting in any game or event. There are different types of odds, some of them include: fractional odds, decimal odds and money line odds. Although they have different names, but they have same purpose used in different regions.  In this article we will be providing brief information about the money line odds.

NFL Betting Lines:

To bet in NFL one should know about NFL money line odds. It is the  most prominent betting odds in USA. They are popularly known as US odds or American odds. There are certain features of Betting lines:

  • Each team has some number with plus or minus sign.
  • The positive sign represents teams with less chances of winning and represent the amount of money won.
  • The team with minus sign numbers has high probability of winning. This also indicates the amount of money to be put to win the bet. Different NFL betting sites fix betting price differently. Those who win the bet get $100 that they invest and the particular amount mentioned after + or – sign.

NFL Money line:

NFL money line is the most convenient way of betting. It is simplest and most popular to bet in NFL. The bettor needs to make a prediction on the team, which it thinks to win and pay the money required. They just need to take a decision by analyzing the NFL lines from the betting table.

Super bowl odds:

NFL super bowl is the bet for the contenders of Super Bowl. The bet on strong contenders cannot be made during initial phase of NFL. Bettors have to be accurate and bet after analyzing the statistical data for the team, because it is going to be big bet. As the profit of winning the super bowl bet is high, same is true for loss of losing the bet. So, all bettors usually do not easily bet for super bowl.

The top contenders based on their performance in previous years in NFL are: Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs. These teams have played really well in their last season and have good stats. Bettors must bet on these teams to gain profit. Bettors can take tickets officially for super bowl bet only after last game of the season.

NFL Spread Betting:

It is different from other betting, as bettor will bet on the margin or points that the team will require to win the match. It is used in predicting margin by which rate of something will fall or increase. It is used in different areas like forex, shares, sports, etc.

Like money line betting, NFL Spreads also has the positive and negative sign system. For example, +4 spread indicates that the team has to either win 4 or mare than 4 points or in least condition loose only by less than 4 points. Similar is true for teams with negative signs. For example, a team with –6 spread, should win by 6 or more points and hence the losing team must loose with more than 6 points.

The advantage of spread betting is that bettors can put small amount of money in spread betting. Spread betting is gaining prominence in NFL for bettors with less amount of money. Bettors should predict appropriate NFL Point Spreads with which a team can win or lose.

NFL betting: Legal or Illegal

Many bettors do not bet in NFL because of the fear or it being illegal. If you are one such bettor then you don’t need to fear, because it is totally legal in few states. The number of states making it legal is increasing. In states like Illinois, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Lowa, etc. have already made it legal. Supreme court in USA made it legal in 2018, so states started to legalize betting in NFL.

This is not only true for NFL, but also for other games of USA. It is also projected to legalize sports betting in all 50 states of USA. In upcoming years bettors need not to fear from illegally betting.

NFL Live Betting:

If you can’t bet before the commencement of match, don’t worry because you can do it during the match, which is known as live betting. It is more exciting and will lead to lesser loss. Bettors will have to keep a keen observation on the match and hence the match becomes livelier.

Different sites will provide different amounts of betting. While betting live, bettors need to check for the best site for live betting, which shows quicker results and updates quickly. Bettors must make a comparison of sites for the profit they are offering and must play on those sites offering best profit.

Let’s sum it up:

NFL betting has become a legal game in some states of USA and has gained prominence in past few years. Bettors have craze for NFL as it is their time to fun and check their luck. NFL offers different odds to its bettors. It makes betting more exciting. Betting has high profit and high loss too. So, it is advisable to bet wisely.


Q1. Is betting legal in NFL?

Yes, Supreme court made sports betting legal in 2018 in USA. Some states started legalizing it soon after supreme court’s verdict. Some states have still not made it legal. So, it entirely depends on the state you live.

Q2. Can we gain profit by betting in NFL?

Absolutely, bettor make profit while betting. It’s the profit that attract people to bet. Burt, this shall be very clear that if profits are high then loss is also high on loosing bet.

Q3. Can we make different types of bets?

Yes, different sites may offer many types of bets. For example, Spread bet, super bowl bet, etc. The different types of bets give option to bettors.

Q4. Is there any option to make bet during match?

Yes, bettors can make bet even during the match is going on. They just need to keep checking the sites for betting and keep an eye on the game.

Q5. Live betting or betting before match. Which is better?

Both the betting options are good. But the profit of wining and loss of losing is high when we bet prior to match. The live betting gives a better option of prediction. It is better for earning lesser profits at time.