Welcome to Travel Diaries, a Refinery29 series where we tag alongside as real girls embark on trips around the world and song their tour prices right down to the ultimate cent. Here, we offer an in-depth, intimate account of while, in which, and the way our peers spend their holiday days and disposable earnings: all of the meals, adventures, indulgences, setbacks, and surprises.

This week’s travel diary: A 24-yr-vintage senior administrative assistant spends a long weekend reuniting with her university girlfriends.

Age: 24
Occupation: Senior Admin Assistant – presently in the method of applying to grad college
Salary: $forty eight,000
Annual Number Of Vacation Days: 15 Vacation days. Also, my job has a perk where we get every different Friday off. So I also get 26 Friday’s off a year!
Hometown: Washington, DC
Trip Location: Vancouver, BC
Trip Length: 4 days, three nights
Travel Companions: Three girlfriends from college
Costs: Flights – I flew from Washington, D.C. To Toronto, and from there to Vancouver. On the way again I flew Vancouver to Toronto to Montreal to DC. My flight price $340.28 plus 10,549 miles that I had.

When did you book? Do you believe you studied to procure a bargain? I’m positive I would have determined something better however we kind of decided spontaneously to take a girls trip, so I handiest booked the tickets two months out before we left.
Total: 340.28
Costs: We are staying in an Airbnb in downtown Vancouver that we booked in advance. It fees $716.36; we split this calmly four ways. Came out to about $a hundred and eighty a person for the four days, three nights.
Total: $a hundred and eighty
Miscellaneous pre-vacation spending:
– Pedicure: $35
– Toiletries: 4.23
– Face wipes, and socks: $11.65
Total: $50.88
Day One
Four:00 a.M. – I slowly awaken to finish packing and bathe earlier than I ought to depart my apartment to seize my flight. I lay in bed for an additional 20 mins, deliberating whether or not or now not I simply want to visit Vancouver or just stay in my bed forever.
5:00 a.M. – I name my Uber and head to the airport. I undergo safety and board my flight to Toronto with minutes to spare. My flight to Toronto is handiest approximately an hour and a half of, so I just watch Bohemian Rhapsody. $eleven.36
8:00 a.M. – Land in Toronto and begin to wander thru the airport after going through customs on the lookout for meals. I start to get an increasing number of irritated with myself when you consider that my frame needs some thing healthy and 1. Everything healthy at the airport is greater than $20 and 2. Is anything at the airport healthful!?!? I waste several time moping around after which I choose Starbucks due to the fact I wasted too much time. I grab a cheese danish (I know, no longer healthy however some thing) and a tall iced chai. I consume all of it in .5 seconds then board my flight to Vancouver! $6.29.


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