Welcome to Travel Diaries, a Refinery29 series where we tag alongside real girls who embark on trips worldwide and song their tour prices right down to the ultimate cent. Here, we offer an in-depth, intimate account of while, in which, and the way our peers spend their holiday days and disposable earnings: all of the meals, adventures, indulgences, setbacks, and surprises. This week’s travel diary: A 24-yr-vintage senior administrative assistant spends a long weekend reuniting with her university girlfriends.

On A Girls' Weekend In Vancouver 1

Age: 24

  • Occupation: Senior Admin Assistant – presently in the method of applying to grad college
  • Salary: $48,000
  • Annual Number Of Vacation Days: 15 Vacation days. Also, my job has a perk where we get every different Friday off. So I also get 26 Friday’s off a year!
  • Hometown: Washington, DC
  • Trip Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Trip Length: 4 days, three nights
  • Travel Companions: Three girlfriends from college


Costs: Flights – I flew from Washington, D.C. To Toronto, and from there to Vancouver. On the way again, I flew from Vancouver to Toronto to Montreal to DC. My flight price $340.28 plus the 10,549 miles that I had. When did you book? Do you believe you studied to procure a bargain? I’m positive I would have determined something better; however, we kind of decided spontaneously to take a girl’s trip, so I handiest booked the tickets two months out before we left.

Total: 340.28


Costs: We are staying in an Airbnb in downtown Vancouver that we booked in advance. It fees $716.36; we split this calmly four ways. Came out to about $a hundred and eighty a person for the four days, three nights.
Total: $a hundred and eighty

Miscellaneous pre-vacation spending:

– Pedicure: $35
– Toiletries: 4.23
– Face wipes and socks: $11.65

Total: $50.88

Day One 4:00 a.M. – I slowly awaken to finish packing and bathe earlier than I ought to depart my apartment to seize my flight. I lay in bed for an additional 20 mins, deliberating whether or not or now not I want to visit Vancouver or stay in my bed forever.
5:00 a.M. – I name my Uber and head to the airport. I undergo safety and board my flight to Toronto with minutes to spare. My flight to Toronto is handiest, approximately an hour and a half, so I watch Bohemian Rhapsody. $11.36

8:00 a.M. – Land in Toronto and begin to wander thru the airport after going through customs on the lookout for meals. I start to get an increasing number of irritated myself when you consider that my frame needs something healthy and 1. Everything healthy at the airport is greater than $20 and 2. Is anything at the airport healthful!?!? I waste several times moping around, after which I choose Starbucks because I wasted too much time. I grab a cheese danish (I know, no longer healthy, however, something) and a tall iced chai. I consume all of it in .5 seconds, then board my flight to Vancouver! $6.29.

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