Camping is one of the oldest and cheapest ways to get away from the day-by-day chores and explore nature. For heaps of years, people have continually enjoyed spending time outdoors and exploring what nature has to offer. Other people, especially families, cross tenting simply to break the boredom of staying interior and have fun within the desolate tract.

Top Five camping spots in Colombia 1

If pitching a tent somewhere in the forest or park is considered one of your deliberate things to try this yr, you want to choose the fine tenting destination for max revel in. Colombia is one of the maximum mind-blowing places for tenting. From beautiful lakes to stunning natural parks available for tenting, there’s no shortage of exceptional camping spots in Colombia. In this newsletter, we have put together five top camping spots to pick from:

Would you want to tent within the wilderness? If so, then you can camp in the Tatacoa desolate tract. This is the second-largest wilderness in Colombia and is located in the branch of Huila. Spanning over 330 square kilometers of a lunar landscape, the weather fluctuates between severe warm throughout the day and bloodless at night, so p.C—a drowsing bag and sweater. Tatacoa is well-known for its unobstructed sky that fits with the inexperienced cactuses developing everywhere in the vicinity.

If you want a famous person watching, there’s even an observatory which locals are extra than keen to show travelers and run with the aid of astronomer Guillermo García. The cosmic staggering begins at 7 pm with reasons in English and Spanish. Most farmers will let you camp on their land for a charge that may vary between $10,000 and 20,000 pesos. There’s greater formal accommodation in Villavieja, gateway to the desolate tract.

Located in the department of Boyacá, Tota Lake is continually frequently referred to as a lagoon, given the truth that there aren’t any other lakes of this size inside the location. Mirroring deep blue skies, this vicinity is thought for a completely white sandy beach and turquoise waters. Beautiful wheat crop plantations also surround the lake. You’ll discover several camping spots in pine groves or facing Playa Blanca.

From the maximum crucial metropolis within the valley, Sogamoso head to Aquitania, and there’ll be no shortage of trout, beer, and sundown walk many of the wild onion fields. Tota may be reached in five hours from Bogotá, and there is a persistent bus carrier from the capital to Sogamoso.

Located to Bogotá’s East, this country-wide park is any other cool spot to camp. The park has lovely landscapes characterized by way of the presence of lagoons and frailejón plants. The park also has four inner circuits with strategic viewpoints to look at the stunning scenery and experience what nature offers. If you’re keen on trekking, then Chingaza National Park is the best to show your abilties.

You can even go together with your circle of relatives and hike together while exploring nature in its rawest form. If you’re searching out a campground with current centers, then this park is wherein you need to visit. It has a tenting vicinity with electricity, hot water, and parking. Check the National Park’s web- web page for entry expenses and particular tenting places.

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