Travel Guides’ most up-to-date contributors, Melbourne-primarily based Deepesh (‘Dee’) and Sage, can also nonetheless be newlyweds (the duo tied the knot in 2017 after years of courting). However, they reckon they’ve got this entire traveling as a coupling factor down pat.

Firstly, they have a delegated ‘planner.

Project management is my professional profession; however, when it comes to travel, [Sage] is the planner,” Dee tells 9Honey Travel. Oh, she plans the whole thing to the tee! She fits each outfit of hers with her shoes, and he or she packs 5 of hers and mine … I am inspired by her lists, ticks, and crosses. Sage – who’s additionally apparently the professional ‘navigator’ – agrees with this assessment. ” I can not loosen up until the closing hairpin and rubber band are packed … I even have my yellow ebook and my trusted pen, and rancid I move! I surely need my list, down to the minute info.

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Secondly, they have got mastered the art of compromise (critical).

Generally, we journey sincerely nicely together. We used to bicker over what and a way to percent for the tour. Since then, we’ve made a p.C., which means that he isn’t always allowed to touch the baggage anymore, besides for lifting and weighing them,” Sage says. Lastly, they have an equal specific journey fashion in not unusual – you notice, it seems the newlyweds’ both proportion an extraordinary urge for food for adrenalin.

To come up with an instance, following their 2017 nuptials, the couple embarked on an “adventurous honeymoon,” traveling around New Zealand’s South Island and engaging in thrill-in search of activities like bungee leaping and jet boating. Ahead of the release of this yr’s season of Travel Guides, the couple is hopeful Australia will see their “cheeky and humorous facet” during the series (“do no longer leave out our ‘Taiwan’ episode”).

But don’t assume easy cruising all the manner – the Indian-born Aussies may also complement each other well. However, they are the first to confess they’re no longer proof against the unexpected on-the-avenue hiccup. I am very ‘expressive,’ and now and again outrageous while put in unusual tour conditions.

I am also a bit of coincidence / incident-prone … It Makes for funny tv moments,” Sage teases. For any couples considering the equal journey, Sage had this recommendation: “Be your self, be expressive; let your self move. Try out whatever new, awkward, and thrilling together, and you’ll revel in it even greater. Remember that life is brief. It is now or never.

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