With two summers taken away by the pandemic, chances are you have some travel plans in the near future. Going to a different destination can help reset your mind and body. It also undoubtedly will shift your mood. Even just planning for a getaway and marking it on your calendar may bring on those positive vibes.

Of course, since travel hasn’t been happening as frequently as before you might have forgotten what you need to bring. Packing too much or too little can add stress to your trip once you leave the house. Depending on where you are heading, you may need to take certain precautions with the items you’re bringing. This is especially true if you have any type of health condition and are traveling with medications.

If you’re worried about taking prescriptions with you on your trip, do not fret. This article will dive into all you need to know about packing and traveling with various types of medications. Keep reading to find out three ways you can stay on top of your prescriptions if you’re traveling this summer.

Traveling This Summer

1. Bring More Than You Need

Who doesn’t love an extra-long vacation, right? When you’re stuck in an airport because of delayed or canceled flights an extra day can be the biggest hassle. If you are on certain prescriptions, an extra day of unexpected travel may really disrupt your routine. The seriousness of this disruption depends on your health condition.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to think about the worst-case scenario and bring more than you need. If you’re on birth control, for example, ensure you have enough for the entire vacation plus an extra few days. This is the case no matter what type of birth control you take including the pill, patch, or ring. Missing a day or two of birth control can wreak havoc on your hormones so it’s best to be prepared.

As you’re packing your medications, keep them in the original packaging. While it might be tempting to empty a bottle of pills into a plastic bag, it looks suspicious. If you’re flying – whether domestically or internationally – you’re more likely for the TSA to pull you aside. And always be sure to keep your prescriptions in your carry-on instead of checked baggage. Not only could your luggage get lost, but the temperature variations in the cargo area may also affect your medications.

2. Set Reminders

It’s easy enough to miss a dosage when you’re at home and in your regular routine. It’s even easier to forget to take medications when you’re on vacation and your schedule is out the window. One easy way to stay on track is to set reminders for yourself.

A reminder can look like a sticky note beside your hotel nightstand. It could also mean adding them to your phone’s calendar. There are many scheduling apps available if you would like a push notification sent to you automatically. Of course, you’ll have to be sure you have your medication with you when you are out exploring or sightseeing. If you need to take medication first thing and on an empty stomach, put it next to the fridge.

When you’re changing time zones, try as best as possible to keep your timing synced with your home location. This is more pertinent to medications that need to be taken at the same time every day. Before you leave, ask your pharmacist for their recommendation. You may have a one or two-hour window, or perhaps can stick with your morning or evening dosage as is.

3. Get Automatic Refills

Many things in our lives are automated these days. Groceries are delivered weekly. Bills are paid monthly on a scheduled date. Subscription services renew with ease. There are so many benefits to automatization, making it reasonable to subscribe to automatic prescription refills, too.

This is particularly beneficial if your schedule is especially hectic. Without even thinking about it, your medications will auto-renew each month. Many pharmacies now offer delivery as well to make the process truly seamless. This ensures that you don’t run out, even if you are planning to pack extra medication for an upcoming vacation.

While you’re traveling, it’s always smart to bring your insurance card and doctor or pharmacist information along with you. If you run into any issues, you can quickly call them for help getting a prescription in your new destination. If you are going overseas, you should also consider bringing a doctor’s note. This could be helpful if you’re traveling with any liquid medications that you’re afraid may get stopped by the TSA.


Vacation is meant to be enjoyed, not spent worrying about if or when you should take your medications. Of course, if you forget to take a dose there’s no need to stress too much. Try to get back on track the very next day. Your body may feel a bit off, but the sooner you can get back on schedule the better. Keep these tips in mind when traveling with medications and you’ll feel more prepared knowing you have an action plan.