Summer is here, and you know what that means: It’s time to go outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer — including getting au naturel with your partner in the great outdoors. S’mores and fishing are fun and all, but let’s be honest, the best thing about camping is getting it on in nature.

So, if the top of your summer to-do list includes some fireside freakiness, here are a few sex moves to try while camping that will make your trip a memorable one. But, before we get into the fun stuff, here are some quick pro-tips to help improve your experience overall. First, make sure that you have as much privacy as possible and stick to the tent if there is any chance someone else is nearby.

5 Sex Moves To Try While Camping 1

After all, nothing puts a damper on your sexy times like accidentally traumatizing a Boy Scout troop that happens to wander by while you’re, ahem, communing with nature. Also, bug spray is good for keeping off mosquitos but bad for genitals, so proceed with caution. There’s a reason it’s called doing the deed, not doing the Deet. And finally, be prepared for cleanup ahead of time; some wet wipes can make or break the experience.

Just make sure you don’t leave any evidence behind because no one wants a campsite littered with wet wipes and condoms. Just sayin’ OK, now onto the good stuff. Here are some moves to bust out next time you’re feeling frisky under the stars. There is something so romantic about getting it on in front of a fire, so if you decide you’d rather have a different kind of dessert than s’mores, then try out this perch position by the fire.

To get into this position, have the penetrating partner sit in a chair, and the receiving partner sits down in their lap, being penetrated from behind. Part of what makes camping so amazing is getting to gaze out at the views of nature, so why not incorporate all that beauty into your sex sesh? Well, you can with this position. Have the receiving partner lay on their stomach facing the open flap of the tent, so you can take in the beautiful vista with your legs apart, allowing the penetrating partner to enter them from behind.

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