There’s something recognizably iconic approximately an antique Airstream trailer—it indicators more comfortable times and a feeling of wanderlust, and it’s come to be a whole way of life well worth embracing. Just ask couple Sheena and Jason (and Riley, their dog), who renovated an Airstream—which they named Mavis—to a boho-elegant sanctuary and now stay on the road complete-time.

Airstream Camping Is the Biggest Millennial Summer 1

The couple has traveled move-u. S. A .; stayed below a lone neon sign in Marfa, Texas, and loved the tiny metropolis of Southport, North Carolina, so much that they stayed for three months directly. The beautiful part of dwelling in an Airstream, Sheena shares, is “being capable of trade your window view with the snap of a finger. That changed into so surreal to us for the primary few trips to have your identical familiar little domestic. However, the views kept on changing with every new place we’d visit. My favorite part is how the lighting within the Airstream changes with each new parking spot.

She additionally shares a few tips for Airstream dwelling: Snack on pistachios (“It’s the one component healthful snack you can locate at almost any fuel station”), pay attention to “Life is a Highway” while avenue-tripping, and make certain your wall decor works hard for you (“I love antique hooks that aren’t simply pretty to look at but also serve a reason as an area to throw a hat or a jacket”). And the one issue all of us wonders approximately, however, is afraid to invite: toilet privateness.

Sheena said she and her husband used to have a plastic toy harmonica next to the bathroom they’d jokingly play, or they’d flip rainforest sounds on their phones at the same time as going to the toilet. But she says, “There’s no keeping lavatory time absolutely non-public, despite a door and a harmonica. So we make the great of it. Ready to get a taste of that Airstream lifestyle for yourself? Whether you’re searching out a peaceful wilderness escape or a quiet perch high up inside the Hollywood Hills, here are 8 of the excellent (and less costly) Airstreams and campers you could rent on Airbnb on your subsequent adventure.

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