Last week we committed the overall Pricewatch web page to the issue of tour insurance. Over the path of greater than 2,000 phrases, we concept, we had all the bases included. There changed into one base we didn’t even get near. By accident, the day earlier than the piece appeared, we had been contacted by using a person who sent us a hyperlink to a weblog post she had just written.

Good morning. Rant time,” started Sarah Fitzgibbon’s message to us. “Here are my mind on coverage companies – particularly the mass discrimination of those people with critical health situations who would like to head on vacations, please.

Get tour insurance with a cancer diagnosis? 1

We consider Sarah’s thoughts deserve a wider platform and, along with her permission, are reproducing the weblog put up incomplete. I gained’t faux that I actually have ever been a big lover of insurance agencies. I was known to raise my voice, particularly whilst they’re referred to. Now and then, if my children aren’t in earshot, use a profanity or two while referring to their trendy swindle/shakiness/incompetence/fashionable take-your-cash-and-go away-you-for-dead attitude. So to mention that I have shape on the subject of complaining approximately insurers would be fair.

What isn’t honest, in my opinion, is that businesses that offer travel insurance in Ireland are being violently discriminatory to the heaps of Irish citizens who are now – gulp – survivors [kills me to use the word, but there it is]. Those folks who have cancer in our beyond medical records, or in our supplying grievance. Those people who have to tick the container, “Are you on a ready listing for any checks or processes?” Every time we fill out a shape. Those folks who’re dwelling our lives as flawlessly everyday human beings, but have a steaming vat of warm malignant oil teetering over our heads always.

We would love to escape from all of it. We would really like to dip our chemo-banjaxed toes into the warm waters of the Caribbean. We would love to swoop and shriek on Disney-fied rollercoasters with our delirious youngsters. We would love to take a big purple marker to our bucket list, surprise at the Northern Lights, track Tom Waits down in some dingey SoHo dive, or do the backstroke inside the Canadian lakes. Or whatever the f*ck we are physically able to do, due to the fact, well, you know, demise an’ all.

And yet if we dare to take ourselves off on a aircraft to every other country, the very type folks that very kindly offered us that lovable cheap multitrip journey policy, or the other sound people who sold us that pretty hefty medical insurance policy, will flip round with an appalled hand-over-mouth look if we tell them that we’ve got a pre-present condition. It’s like admitting to having a crook document for liquidising cats, or something. You recognize, I’d almost without a doubt prefer if it was leprosy that I had, due to the fact then being handled like a proverbial leper might as a minimum make sense.

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