Dear Abby: Every summer, my husband and I, our boys and my mother and father might take numerous vacations at Mom and Dad’s lake domestic. This is where Dad grew up and in which we spent infinite vacations as youngsters. It holds a whole lot sentimental value to us all. We were fortunate sufficient to have our personal space upstairs and had been free to revel in the house as though it turned into ours. We always contributed to groceries and cleansing earlier than we left, and it changed into very enjoyable for all of us.

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My mom surpassed away the last yr after protracted warfare with a debilitating ailment. Dad is making plans to retire soon and move completely to the lake home, which is about seven hours away. However, he has located a female friend he has become near, and upon retiring, he plans to have her circulate in with him.

I am thrilled that Dad has observed someone, but I’m left thinking a way to manage visits to our liked excursion spot once Dad’s new female movements in. He insists we go to as we obviously might, which typically means staying several nights as it is quite some distance away. We don’t know Dad’s lady very well yet, and I’m feeling awkward about travelling. Do we continue to deal with this as we as soon as did, like it’s miles in part ours? What’s right etiquette right here?

Thrown in South Dakota

Dear Thrown: Your father has made it undeniable that he would like you to visit “as you obviously could.” Because you are feeling awkward, this is something you should discuss with him, if best to ensure he might be capable of welcoming you as he has in the beyond. It might now not be a breach of etiquette to a degree with him about what’s on your mind.

Once you start going there and interacting, you may get to recognise his woman buddy, and he or she gets to recognise you — and that must damage the ice.

Dear Abby: I’m the youngest of five, and everyone is successful in our methods — besides for our middle youngest sibling. She dropped out of university, had a horrific breakup with a married man, and has given up all wish and efforts to stay an ordinary life. She’s 34, refuses to paintings and nevertheless lives with our mother and father. She trashed the car our father offered and paid for, and walks across the residence talking to herself, which I believe is for interest due to the fact I have had serious conversations with her. I’ve tried several instances to be a sympathetic ear and advocated her to find a job, but it’s now not operating.

What are we able to do to help her get a process and move? She’s a burden on our own family, and it’s depressing to have her gift for the circle of relatives events she doesn’t get dressed for or take the time to receive other family participants.

If this continues, I’m fearful of what may additionally occur after our parents bypass. What may be done for an adult who refuses to develop up and move on?

Hopeless in Georgia

Dear Hopeless: I have another concept why your sister walks around the residence speaking to herself and can’t motivate herself to be impartial. She may be seriously depressed or affected by other intellectual troubles. Talk to your dad and mom and inform them they may be no longer assisting her by ignoring the reality that she isn’t useful. They want to insist that, as a situation of staying with them, she communicate to a mental health expert.