With everybody jumping on the Iceland bandwagon, dare we say that picture-ops on a glacier are getting quite…commonplace? But are you spending the nighttime on one? You’ll need to mission farther into the Arctic Circle for that bucket listing-worthy experience. This summertime, plan a different sort of Euro trip to the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, where the roads are sparse, and polar bears are your bedfellows.

This Svalbard Glacier Lodge 1

From May to September, adventure travel corporation Off the Map Travel’s “Night on a Glacier” program will convey thrill-seekers to the arena’s northernmost business cabin: the über-old fashioned Nordenskiöld Lodge, perched on a moraine fringe of the blue glacier. You are reaching a vicinity this far off guarantees an adventure just as exhilarating as the vacation spot itself. Kicking off from the coal-mining metropolis of Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen Island, a killer base for viewing the Northern Lights, you’ll embark on a zippy canine sledding trek to a Zodiac smooth boat for a coastal cruise.

As one of the finest locations on the planet to come upon famed creatures of the tundra, you’re assured to capture a glimpse of whales, walruses, and an increasing number of uncommon polar bears. This is a remarkable opportunity for journey enthusiasts,” says Off the Map Travel founder Jonny Cooper, “Svalbard is one of the global’s high-quality spots for seeing wildlife, in particular, while the snow has melted.

Prepare for a prime digital detox. The lodge gets its consuming water with no walking water or strength through melting glacial ice and uses a wood hearth to heat the cozy cabin. Every minute at the glacier is like resting upon a living beast, with the deep rumbles of ice cracking and splintering underneath you. With fantastically mild temperatures in the summertime months, all-day sports like guided glacier climbs, sea kayaking, and scenic picture hikes won’t require excessive layering. Prepare for a main virtual detox.

With no running water or electricity, the resort gets its consuming water with the aid of melting glacial ice and uses a wood fire to heat the comfortable cabin. Every minute on the glacier is like resting upon a dwelling beast, with the deep rumbles of ice cracking and splintering under you. With pretty slight temperatures inside the summertime months, all-day activities like guided glacier climb, sea kayaking, and scenic photograph hikes won’t require immoderate layering.

As the sun dips just underneath the horizon—or not at all, with nighttime solar at the height of the season—you’ll acquire with fellow guests for a domestic-cooked supper, a traditional sauna revel in, and some more tundra natural world spotting thru the frosty home windows of the resort.

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