As a lifelong fan of Disney, my bucket listing includes a variety of stories related to the Disney parks and Disney vacations, and this spring, I eventually crossed a big one off my listing. I wakened early one morning, stated goodbye to my husband, and were given in my automobile for a seven-hour force from my home in Atlanta to Orlando, wherein I spent three wonderful days at Walt Disney World—all on my own. It turned into the first time I had ever taken a trip by myself, and it ended up being one of the first-class trips to Disney I’ve ever had—and I’ve had a lot.

Travelling solo is intimidating, especially in case you’ve in no way performed it before. But if you’re able to conquer your fears, it’s simply exceedingly worthwhile, even at an area like Disney. It may look like it would be a bummer to be surrounded with the aid of families having a very good time together, but it’s so much a laugh to see the parks on your terms and for your agenda.

Are you thinking about taking your own solo Disney excursion? Here are a few tips you may want to hold in mind to make your experience even greater terrific.
Get the My Disney Experience app and do a little improve making plans.

Although it’s honestly feasible to go to Disney World and feature a laugh on the fly, your experience will go a lot greater easily in case you plan. Once your tickets are bought, you may make three FastPasses at a time at the My Disney Experience app, and you completely need to—this means you may hop on three rides with a much shorter wait, and when you’ve used the ones three up, you may make greater for the identical day.

If there are any eating places you have got your heart set on visiting, it’s an amazing idea to make reservations on the app beforehand of time. It can be certainly difficult to walk up at restaurants and get a desk, specifically in case you’re going for the duration of a hectic time.

And BTW, this app goes to be a complete lifesaver when you’re inside the parks, too—it’ll show you wait instances, show instances, park hours, and maps of the park.
Keep protection first.

Even though we need to believe that the most magical place on Earth is also the safest vicinity on Earth, that’s now not necessarily actual, and when you’re taking a solo Disney holiday, you certainly want to ensure your bases are covered. Keep your smartphone charged in case of an emergency, and let a person recognise roughly wherein you propose to be that day in case something occurs.

If you’re driving to the parks, it additionally facilitates to drop a pin or write a observe for your cellphone of exactly in which you parked. Those parking lots are huge, and when you’re tired after an extended day, it’s clean to wander off or forget in which your vehicle is.
Take your time.

The beauty of visiting to your very own is having the luxury of doing some thing you need without having to remember all people else, and that freedom is what is going to make this Disney holiday so extraordinary from the ones you could have taken inside the past. Because you name the shots, it’s a genuinely true time to take in the ecosystem in a manner you may while you’re touring with a group of human beings. One of the pleasant moments of my solo journey become once I grabbed a drink at Starbucks and sat down at the grass in the front of the castle at the Magic Kingdom to study an e-book for 2 hours with nobody to hassle me.

Permit your self to experience that freedom, too. If you’re too worn-out to stay for the fireworks, don’t—you could come the following day night time. If you want to spend an hour surfing a present shop, do it. Do you want to stand in line to satisfy Mickey after which experience Space Mountain 5 times in a row? It’s all you! Traveling on your phrases is the sort of unique revel in, and also you owe it to yourself to include it.