CASPER, Wyo. — Rules for tenting inside Casper City Limits are a step in the direction of going into impact. The Casper City Council voted on 2d studying Tuesday, June 18, to approve new tenting restrictions in the Municipal Code. The ordinance defines tenting as “staying in a single day or otherwise taking up residence for any duration of time in an open area, tent, car or other temporary, transportable or cellular shelter.

The rule might make it illegal to camp on any City of Casper belongings.

On first studying, the Council handed a modification offered by using Vice Mayor Shawn Johnson. That amendment makes an exception for possible destiny campgrounds on City-owned assets. As a result, the guidelines do no longer save you, people, from camping on personal assets, so long as they’ve permission from the owners of those belongings.


During the primary analyzing, Mayor Charlie Powell expressed the situation that the ordinance would now not save you human beings from having a couple of cell homes of their personal backyards. Without any regulations, a person should essentially open up their backyards and feature five mobile houses parked in there,” he said. However, Councilman Chris Walsh said that such worries had already been addressed through Casper’s zoning policies.

Powell and Councilman Mike Huber voted in opposition to the ordinance.

Council will need to pass the ordinance on third analyzing for it to become legit.

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