Several days in the past, I wrote about how I became desperately in need of a bag makeover. You men had plenty of superb pointers, which I liked. But, as I explained, I needed to make a selection via this beyond the weekend, now not just because each of my luggage needed to be sent for repair. I actually have too much upcoming tour to be bagless, but also due to the fact I’ve spent the beyond year complaining ad infinitum to Ford.

Tiffany approximately my luggage trying to determine the way to repair my luggage situation. Well, I have a few exact pieces of information — I have some new baggage, and I’ve also finally dumped Tumi. I’ll proportion this in separate posts because there have been two unrelated choices right here — I decided I turned into finished with Tumi earlier than I knew what I was going to update it with.

Dear Tumi: It’s Not You, It’s Me (I Guess) 1

I’ve been a Tumi purchaser for years.

I’ve had Tumi luggage for a long time… in all likelihood, approximately 15 years? I’ve had numerous baggage from them, and generally, I’ve discovered the bags to be decent first-rate. Do I think they’re the highest excellent and maximum fashionable baggage available? Nope, but for the most part, they’ve been properly sufficient. I’ve additionally been capable of score some terrific offers on their luggage over the years, thanks to sales and different promotions.

I’m not leaving Tumi; Tumi is leaving me.

This weekend I went to a Tumi shop in Miami. My vintage Tumi had problems (which includes broken zippers and a damaged wheel), so I desired to get the one’s matters repaired regardless. But I walked into the shop to buy a new bag, after which I could provide the repaired suitcase to my dad (in view that he also wishes a new bag, however, doesn’t journey nearly as a great deal as I do). Inside the Tumi store, I noticed a quote on the wall — “Innovation Is Our Obsession.” But, unfortunately, I didn’t surely see that reflected in their lineup of bags… in any respect.

To be truthful, I journey plenty, and that’s probably also the motive I take my bag’s alternatives so severely. To me, a bag is almost like a tour associate. I also have extraordinary needs in a bag than many (or maybe maximum) purchasers, as my lifestyle is pretty difficult on baggage, so I need matters which might be durable; however also have that baggage with me nearly 24/7, so I need them to be decently attractive while feasible as I performed around with bag after bag after bag.

I couldn’t assist; however, I think, “man, those honestly aren’t for me. Regardless of the style/series, I couldn’t assist however feel like Tumi’s baggage is being designed via people who don’t tour frequently — it’s a form of like the fashion of resorts constructing “millennial” motel rooms without cognizance of information or practical layout.

Spinners are incredible for a few, but now not every person.

I even have a strong preference for a two-wheeled bag rather than a 4-wheeled bag. However, that’s no longer because I think they’re universally better. After all, they’re higher for me. Why? Because I attempt to decrease the impact on my wrists, as opposed to the impact on my shoulder. The sideways motion of pulling a four-wheel bag is rough on my wrists, and every spinner I’ve tried places an excessive amount of pressure on those joints in my case.

Do you understand how many two-wheel suitcases Tumi has, at least that aren’t duffels?



That’s the Tumi Alpha 3 International. This wasn’t just the case of the store now not having proper stock. However, the website confirms that this is the only carry-on with wheels instead of four. And they are even getting that one bag becomes an assignment. It wasn’t on display, but as a substitute, they needed to reluctantly get it from the lower back after the salespeople gave up on explaining why a spinner bag was without a doubt the higher choice.

Other characteristic adjustments

The new Tumi Alpha three has stuff like combination locks, a pouch to insert a battery p.C. And loop cables via, and other more “cutting-edge” touches. Those are, in all likelihood, useful functions for some, but to my mind, they add weight and take away space from the things I do cost in a bag, for example.

The antique Tumis had “hooks,” so that you may want to strap a 2nd bag to them. I sincerely feel since it makes the bag setup sense an awful lot lighter and helps to limit the effect on my wrists. When I asked about it, the salesperson answered.