FREEDOM, Oklahoma – Alabaster Caverns is the most important herbal gypsum cave in the world open to the general public. Eighty toes underground, you may see unique formations in the cave, that’s domestic to five species of bats. Many site visitors don’t understand you can additionally spend the night time in a smaller cave close by.

“It’s honestly out of the ordinary,” Craig Day says.

“It’s out of the every day and it is memorable,” replies Kelli Thomas, who is an excursion manual.

“And it’s not glamping, is it?” jokes Craig.

“It’s no longer glamping; there’s not anything glamorous approximately it,” Kelli laughs.

But earlier than you may hike to the cave, there are some regulations. First, you need to have no less than three campers.

“If there was something that came about to one among you, one could stay with that man or woman; the other should move for assist,” Kelli says.

There is a picnic region, not some distance from the cave entrance, wherein you can fire up the grill. There is likewise a stunning area on the edge of a canyon, where you can watch the solar set and the moon rise.

When you enter the cave, every camper should have three independent light resources. The cave has raised systems to sleep on, wherein you may lay out your mattress rolls.

This cave is known as Water Cave for a cause. There’s a small waterfall in the back of the primary chamber, growing totally damp surroundings, so drowsing in a tarp is an ought to. Getting the tarp in the region is a touch bit of a task on the slick structures.

“Even though it’s 55 ranges in here, I still laboured up a sweat,” says Craig. “They recommend that you bring a camping pad with you, and I want I would have accompanied that recommendation.”

Besides the lighting fixtures, other required requirements are hardhats and a first resource package.

“Few human beings can say they have camped in a cave overnight,” says Kelli.

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