Decrease of two registered locations for camping in Bulgaria, and in 2017 they had been handiest 9, in place of 2016 when there had been eleven registered places for tents, caravans, campers, and more. Even if not all the places wherein tenting can be regulated in Bulgaria are registered, by no means is Bulgaria drawing close to France, for example, with over 8000 campsites, to Germany – about 3000, Italy with over 2300, Spain – with 1300 and others.

Bulgaria is also within the queue with the aid of the ratio of the nights spent in tenting compared to the motel accommodation. In 2017 there had been 26,054,096 nights spent in resorts and other accommodation and best fifty-eight,340 nights in camps, which is properly under 1 percent of overall vacation nights. For contrast, the common ratio inside the EU is about 12, according to the cent.

There are Only Nine Camping Parks in Bulgaria 1

This is the Eurostat statistics on tenting vacations published days ago.

The regulated, registered campsites in the European Union in 2017 had been 28 400. About two-thirds of those camps are in the best four countries: France (28%), the UK (17%, information for 2016), Germany Netherlands (both 10%). There is also a critical interest in the vacation of a tent, caravan, camper. In 2017, a total of 397 million had been staying in EU camps, representing 12% of all nights spent on vacationer websites within the EU.

The three countries with the highest percentage of in a single day stay in camps in 2017 are Denmark (33% of all nights in traveler accommodation within u . S . A .), Luxembourg (32%), and France (29%). Believe it or not, there is a nutrients connection between what you purchase and what sort of your shop. It almost continually costs less to consume better, so you have to understand that ingesting better is absolutely something you’ll need to do if you want to shop money on meals. If you could begin cooking your ingredients at home, you may store huge.

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