For most folks, touring in a commercial enterprise manner, flying to a metropolis, grabbing a cab, unpacking, and going to a meeting or anything is on the agenda. But Gary Green has some unusual insights into the commercial enterprise—clearly playing the city you’re in, getting to know its interesting sites, appreciating its way of life.  Mr. Green travels higher than most people—“I’m on the street 50 percent of the time,” he says—but has made the itinerant lifestyles fun or even a laugh. He is primarily based in New York, wherein he’s a titan within the real-estate industry as CEO of Alliance Building Services, which, pretty sincerely, offers commercial real-estate from protection to solving leaks in the roof.

But what has engaged him that he started fantasizing approximately being a massive-league ballplayer whilst he becomes a child was jogging a baseball team—so he offered 3. He is a proprietor of the Omaha Storm Chasers, the fabulous Richmond Flying Squirrels, and the Sir Bernard Law Biscuits. And so, whilst he is on a enterprise experience, he is also looking at baseball video games—but now not all the time.

Omaha Beyond Buffett And The Steaks 1

Minor-league baseball consists of all styles of family points of interest, and he is taking them in. One of his favorite locations in Omaha is the Storm Chasers are the Triple-A farm group of the Kansas City Royals. Until I spoke with him, all I knew approximately Omaha was that it’s the house base of the Sage of Omaha, Warren Buffett. And also Omaha Steaks. It’s got the second-biggest zoo inside the United States,” explained Gary. “It’s truely a wonderful city, with a fabulous aquarium.

As for the Omaha Steaks—Gary recommends taking a excursion of the manufacturing unit. But it is, of the route, the baseball crew that consumes a great deal of his time in Omaha. It’s like going to a carnival with baseball as a backdrop,” he says. “We’ve were given a Star Wars Night, a Thirsty Thursday, a Wiener Wednesday. And the most important kids’ place in all of sweet sixteen-league baseball.” And, of direction, the price tag prices are notably less than for Major League ballparks—the Storm Chasers’ tickets begin at $9.

My dream becomes continually to personal a baseball group,” he says. So round 2010, he and his business companion, Larry Botel, commenced searching out a crew close to domestic. They determined one in Connecticut and then moved it to Richmond, the biggest metropolis in the United States without a expert sports activities team.

So why stop there?

Thus, the expansion, and additionally the conclusion of what fans need: “In minor league baseball you just can’t place group available—we introduced a fun issue,” he says. So first, even though he had to deal with Buffett, who owned the Storm Chasers, and who stays nowadays possibly the maximum cited monetary whiz in America. So it becomes smooth inside the experience that he wanted to interview me as a baseball fan and not only a businessman.” So for 90 mins, they talked baseball, Buffett recalling his hero from the St. Louis Cardinals, Stan Musial, and Green telling memories of the New York Mets’ Tug McGraw.

Now Gary Green sings the praises of Omaha, talking approximately the superb food, the well-known chefs, and his favorite restaurant, the 801 Chophouse, which bills itself as harkening lower back to the famed steak joints of New York in the Roaring 1920s. But it stays the ballpark that he gravitates to. He went to many fable baseball camps when he changed into younger. And now that he’s older, he has made baseball a business as well as a myth—at the same time as savoring the cities far from his home.