JEJU CITY — About a month has exceeded for the reason that grotesque murder that rattled Jeju Island, a famous excursion destination for locals and outsiders alike. The key suspect and circumstantial evidence were diagnosed. But there may be still no hint of a body, raising concerns over the prosecution’s capability to reach a conviction.

Jeju District Prosecutors’ Office said Thursday that police are extending their look for the sufferer’s stays till July 1, while the Coast Guard will keep its look for an indeterminate period. The prosecutors’ office brought that the suspect keeps her claim that she by chance killed the person in self-protection as he attempted to rape her.

Police have deployed underwater drones in the sea between the islands of Jeju and Wando, off the southern coast of South Jeolla Province, where they believe body components have been dumped. They also are looking the suspect’s father’s condominium in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province. Bone components observed in the rental’s plumbing have been despatched to National Forensic Service for examination. A preceding forensic examination determined no DNA in bone components and hair submitted using police.

An unmarried-story house stood at the end of a slim alley of 10 or so households. There changed into no signal indicating it as a lodging area. Its small, properly-tended garden changed into bordered through low fences — more for decoration than to preserve humans out.

There have been no commercial centers within the sparsely populated neighborhood. Despite a bus prevent, citizens said the buses came via so now and again that one would pressure.

In the holiday home in a far off city on Jeju Island, a 36-12 months-vintage guy became murdered. Surnamed Kang, he becomes a divorced father of a four-yr-vintage.

His ex-spouse and the kid’s mother, Koh Yu-Jeong had no longer allowed him to look the child for the reason that taking custody in 2017. But on May 25, she was going to allow Kang to see him for the primary time in years.

“My brother becomes, more than something, a doting father,” Kang’s brother stated in an interview with The Korea Herald. “He overlooked his son, and he was exceptionally happy he was going to look him.”

After a day trip at a theme park, the exes and their son went to a holiday residence in Jocheon-up, placed about 20 kilometers east of downtown Jeju City. During a video call that nighttime, Kang told his own family that he and his son had been having the time in their lives.

And that became the last they ever heard or saw of Kang.

His family said Kang — who was usually short to respond — lacking to nearby police after dropping touch with him for two days.

When police contacted Koh for his whereabouts, she stated Kang had left the residence after trying to sexually assault her. She claimed to have acquired a text message from him apologizing for what he did, which police later determined become a lie.

Koh was now not a suspect in the beginning. She changed into cooperative with police, and he or she changed into an apparent physical downside. Kang towered over her at one hundred eighty centimeters to 160. Besides, they have been with their younger son.

“Murder turned into an unlikely improvement,” a respectable at Jeju Dongbu Police Station, which treated the case, informed The Korea Herald.

On May 28, an afternoon after the lacking man or woman record was filed, Koh boarded a ferry leaving the hotel island. In an assessment of protection camera pictures, she becomes spotted dumping unidentified lumps wrapped in plastic baggage into the ocean. Police speculate the bags can also have contained frame components of the missing man.

She turned into additionally visible returning a set of gadgets, purchased a few days before the murder, which police suspect to have been gadgets of the crime: bleach, duct tape, cleaning gadget and a tool container.

On June 1, Koh was arrested on suspicions of murdering and dismembering Kang and discarding the remains.

During a June 11 briefing, Jeju Dongbu Police Station Chief Park Ki-Nam stated they trust Koh killed Kang on the house on the night time of May 25 and mutilated the frame before checking out in the afternoon of May 27.

According to police, the visitors who stayed without delay after Koh said they did now not be aware of something suspicious about the home. The proprietor of the assets, who tested the room on the morning of May 27 before Koh left, also advised police that nothing seemed out of the normal aside from a damaged flowerpot and a few lacking towels.

“She had a very good 24 hours to easy up the vicinity,” said a police reliable on the case for the first three days.

The ultimate sighting of Kang was on May 25, on the lodging along with his son and Koh. About a month later, police and the Coast Guard are suffering to discover any traces of the victim’s stays.

Motives for the crime additionally stay uncertain. Both Jeju Island natives, Koh and Kang, went from a 5-12 months college romance to marriage, which lasted simply two years. She turned into “a candy, affectionate lady friend,” stated a mutual friend of the exes, who agreed to reveal handiest his surname, Kim.

But Kang’s brother and legal professional say Koh’s violence — even inside the presence of the kid — become the leader motive the marriage got here to a stop.